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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shiny Red Rose With Beautiful Leaves!

Red Rose and Heart, both are Synonymous
Beautiful Shiny Red Rose
"Red Rose and Heart, both are Synonymous.
It joins ones heart 
They are symbol of  Deep Love and Sharing Happiness"

Description : Red Roses are attractive and pretty species. It is heart-touching as well as eye-catchy. It is also known as ornamental flower. It has its own history. Some Great persons like Red roses. In India, the first Prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru has a red rose eyed on his coat. In olden days you will find in the hand of queens holding it. King and Emperor commonly used it as a gift for her queen.You will get a number of paintings illustrated with red and pink rose. It is a gift flower. It sense sympathy towards human being. "Red Rose and Heart, both are Synonymous. They are symbol of  Deep Love and Sharing Happiness". Red Rose gives us pleasure and relax.

People from Asia, Mid-east and Persian Gulf like Pink and Red Roses. Red Roses are commonly found in Asian countries especially in Persia, china, Pakistan and India. Some are found in Europe, North America and Africa. Its Plants can be easily hybridize in home and garden.

Features : There are ornamental use of Rose to decorate vase. It is used to gift friends and love-ones. Its oil is used in Attar, Sprays, and Cosmetics. Rose-water is used in dishes. Its petal and oil is also used in some medicine.

Red Rose with leaves on water
Deep Red Rose with leaves


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