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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marium Urdu Reader

Marium Urdu Reader Primer to Part-5 by Navik Hamzahpuri Published by Bihar Publcation, Patna a beautiful text book.
Marium Urdu Reader مریم اردو ریڈر 

Descriptions : Urdu is a sweet and rich language belongs to Indian culture and civilization. It is spoken in Asian countries especially in India and Pakistan. It is written in Persian Script and words are taken from Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, and English. Urdu Afsana Nigari (Novel) and Ghazals (Poetry Part) became most popular in Urdu Reading. Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir and Dr.Iqbal are most famous poets as well as Prem Chand, Pandit Ratan Nath Sarshar and Sar Syed Ahmad khan are known for Urdu literature.

Marium Urdu Reader is an awesome Urdu Text Book for the student of Primary Classes based on Latest Syllabus of CBSE and State Boards. Nicely written by Navik Hamzahpuri in a very simple language and beautifully illustrated with Pictures to make the students intresting and easy reading. Quality Offset printing on white paper maintains it standard.

Features : Available in a beautiful series from Primary to std.V.
Published by : Bihar Publication, Patna-4 Mob : 09431492301
Cover Design : Artline The Creation

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